Local Area

Some Restaurants Recommendations

All the “Konobas” (restaurants) around the bay are excellent for pasta, grilled fish and meat.

Tanjga Restaurant & Butchery in Kotor

Go to Kotor.  Turn left at the mini roundabout and Tanjga is 50 meters on the left opposite the supermarket.  They have seating to the rear as well as inside the shop.

This is an amazing example of how a local business has adapted to the tourism in the area.  My friend Boro Tanjga ran a butchers shop.  In the last three years he has evolved it into a BBQ meat restaurant.  You get a friendly welcome and loads of grilled meat and salad.  Beer and wine is served in liberal quantities from the fridge.  It is great value for money.  It attracts a lot of backpackers, crews from the cruise ships and locals.  It is now ranked the #1 restaurant in Kotor because everyone who goes there greats a great feed.  You can also buy cooked meat and bring it home.  I love it there.

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Kafe Centar in Prcanj

Turn right outside the house and walk up to the cathedral in Prcanj.  Kafe Centar is opposite on the waterfront.  Modern building with a deceptively good menu.
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Astoria Restaurant in Kotor

Inside or outdoor eating.  Inside there is a tree growing up the middle of the restaurant. Excellent service and great food. Go through the entrance to the old town.  Keep to the right and take the alley on the right before the post office.  Astoria is 30 meters up the alleyway on the right.
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Bokeski Gusti

A favourite is close to the apartment (turn left out of the house and walk 5 minutes).
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Galion Restaurant in Kotor

Relaxed but refined dining.  The best restaurant in Kotor.  Amazing views of the old town. They have a glass box above the water which is fully air conditioned for about 6 tables.  If you prefer to sit in the cool book a table in this area.
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Al Post Giusto (APG)

APG is in Porto Montenegro.  It is an Italian style restaurant right on the quayside.  Great service. Recommend you book.  Call: +382 69 146 046.
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On the waterfront in Tivat close to the marina, on the front. Prova is shaped like the hull of a ship.  Beautiful views across the sea from here.  (http://www.prova.co.me)

Days Out

Private Motor Boat Tours of the Bay with Gracija Janković

Gracija owns a lovely day boat which is especially designed for the Bay of Kotor. Gracija is a young man who speaks great English and will collect you from the house. We will arrange this for you or share Gracija’s details if you decide to make a booking. Gracija can be contacted on gracijajankovic@gmail.com & +382 69906001.


Located along one of Wold’s most beautiful bays is Kotor, a city of traders and famous sailors, with many stories to tell.

The Old City of Kotor is a well preserved urbanization typical of the middle Ages, built between the 12th and 14th century. Medieval architecture and numerous monuments of cultural heritage have made Kotor a UNESCO listed “World Natural and Historical Heritage Site”.

Kotor is illuminated at night and has many lovely cocktails bars accessible as you enter the walled city. Superb cobbled alleyways and many court yards offering live music in the evenings and great food in all restaurants.


Situated across the bay from Prcanj, Perast is a beautiful place to visit. Easy to get to, drive round the bay via Kotor and continue round anti- clockwise. Perast offers superb architecture and restaurants. An artist’s retreat.

From there take a boat across to “Our Lady of the Rock island” which is exquisite and well worth the trip then lunch by the water’s edge in Perast.

The Monty B

This is a great way to see the Bay and surrounding area from the water.  Tim and Kate do a great job of looking after you on board.  By arrangement they will bring the boat to the apartment in Prcanj, moor out the front and ferry you on board in a dinghy.  Alternatively you may just prefer to swim out to them.  We have been out with them a several times and it is great fun.

Porto Montenegro – Tivat

Boasting the world’s largest and newest super-yacht marina, Porto is a must for your holiday.
Porto is great for promenading in the evening, followed by supper at one of the several great restaurants. We recommend you take a cab (approx. 7euros each way) or take the 20 minute drive to Tivat (either through Kotor, taking a right through the tunnel or drive back round the bay past Kamenari where the ferry dropped you across the Bay and round the bay- just keep driving)
Roof top restaurant also serves a great selection of Italian dishes, from 8pm to 11pm, 7 days a week.

Sveti Stefan

Worth a drive down to the coast to visit- the favourite holiday location of many celebrities.  Most recently best known for the location of Novak Djokovic’s wedding.


Beautiful walled city on the coast with great open air markets (open till late at night) live music open air, culture and a real buzz.
Busy and full of tourists in high season but well worth visiting- then enjoy the peace and tranquillity when back in the apartment after a great evening out.
**Coaches to Budva are easily accessible from Kotor (turn right at the first roundabout as you get to Kotor signposted to Tivat, and the coach station is on your left up the hill)
Located in front of Budva’s Avala Hotel, the oddly named Richard's Beach offers some of the best sand in Montenegro as well as a sleek bar named Club 88. Swim off the promontory and around Budva’s old city walls for a unique view of the historic town.

Amazing things to do which require a bit of travel

We can arrange this for you if you decide to make a booking with us.

Lovcen National Park

Up high in the mountain range behind Kotor enjoy the drive up winding spectacular roads to the Mausoleum of a famous local poet.

Set at the very top of the mountain range with views over the Kotorski Bay and surrounding mountains. A granite/marble tomb, small museum and excellent restaurant with outside seating/belvedere from which you get amazing views of the Albanian mountain range to the rear.


Monastery at Ostrog

Ostrog Monastery, a miracle built by nature and human interaction, carved almost in its entirety in a vertically positioned mountain cliff, is today the pearl of Montenegrin spirituality which is visited by more than a hundred thousand pilgrims from around the world and of travellers of all religions every year.

The present-day look was given to the Monastery in 1923-1926, after a fire which had destroyed the major part of the complex. Fortunately, the two little cave-churches were spared and they are the key areas of the monument.

White Water rafting on the Tara River

We have done this. It is great fun.  Amazing scenery and plenty of excitement.  It is a three hour journey but the countryside is Alpine and full of interest.

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River Crnojevica

Rijeka Crnojevića bridge also known as Danilo's bridge is a bridge in Rijeka Crnojevića, Montenegro. The bridge spans the Crnojević River and is one of the most important historical monuments and tourist attractions in the municipality of Cetinje.

Skadar lake

With surface area between 345 to 505.8 km2.  Lake Skadar is the largest lake in the Balkans.  66% of it is in Montenegro & 33% is in Albania.  Some great fresh fish restaurants. 

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